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Benzaldehyde CAS 100-52-7

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Benzaldehyde (CAS 100-52-7) is colorless liquid has a characteristic almond-like odor. Benzaldehyde is the primary component of bitter almond oil and can be extracted from a number of other natural sources. Synthetic benzaldehyde is the flavoring agent in imitation almond extract, which is used to flavor cakes and other baked goods.It is an important material in pharmaceuticals, dyes, spices and resin industries. 

- Pure chemicals are colorless transparent liquid, and industrial products are colorless to pale yellow.
- Boiling point: 179℃
- Freezing point: -26℃
- Flash point: 64℃
- Self-ignition point: 192℃
- Specific gravity:( ρH2O =1):1.04;(ρAir =1):3.66

- Solubility: Benzaldehyde is poorly soluble in water; soluble in a variety of organic solvents like benzene,ethyl alcohol,ehtyl ether and chloroform.
- Hazard properties: Benzaldehyde is flammable when near heat, open flame or oxidant.
- Stability: Benzaldehyde is stable under common conditions.
- Chemical reactions will take place when it contacts with strong oxidizer, strong acids, air and so on.



Appearance                                 Colorless transparent liquid
Color (Hazan)                               ≤50.0
Acid value, %                               ≤1.0
Specific gravity (20℃),g/cm3        1.042.0~1.049.0
Assay, %                                     ≥99.50


1) Benzaldehyde is pharmaceuticals, dyes, spices, and the important raw material for resin industry,also can be used as a solvent, plasticizer and lubricant in low temperature.

2) Benzaldehyde is Important chemical raw material for making lauraldehyde, lauric acid,benzene acetaldehyde and benzyl benzoate etc.
3) Benzaldehyde is wild yan withered, plant growth regulator is herbicides resistance to pour amine intermediates.
4) Benzaldehyde is an important materials for perfume industry.


200kg/plastic drum,16mt (80drum) /20''container 


Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.


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      Benzaldehyde CAS 100-52-7
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