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Methanesulfonic acid
Methanesulfonic acid CAS.75-75-2

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Methanesulfonic acid (MsOH) CAS 75-75-2 is a colorless liquid with the chemical formula CH3SO3H. The normal one in market is Methanesulfonic acid 70%.  It is the simplest of the alkylsulfonic acids. Salts and esters of methanesulfonic acid are known as mesylates (or methanesulfonates, as in ethyl methanesulfonate). It is hygroscopic in its concentrated form. Methanesulfonic acid can dissolve a wide range of metal salts, many of them in significantly higher concentrations than in hydrochloric or sulphuric acid.


Specification of Methanesulfonic acid

Appearance                  Clear liquid

Purity by weight %       70+/-0.5
Color (APHA)                 <20
Cl-(PPM)                        <8
SO42-(PPM)                  <100
Fe3+(PPM)                    <10
Ca2+(PPM)                   <5
Na+(PPM)                     <5
Oxidizabes(PPM)          <20
Density                        1.345-1.36


As solvent, it is usually used as catalyst for the reaction of alkylation, esterify and poplymerization, 

and it is also used for pharmaceutical industry and electroplate.


250kg drum. 20mt per 20ft container

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      Methanesulfonic acid CAS.75-75-2
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