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Metaldehyde 99%TC CAS 108-62-3 suppliers
Metaldehyde 99%TC CAS 108-62-3
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Buy Metaldehyde 99%TC CAS 108-62-3, low-toxic pesticide from TNJ Chemical, China leading Metaldehyde suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Metaldehyde 99%tC, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

Metaldehyde CAS 108-62-3 is a special low-toxic pesticide for killing molluscs such as snails and slugs.


- 99%TC

- 5%G

- 6%G

- 80%WP


- Metaldehyde is a neurotoxic substance. It has a killing effect on slugs and snails and stomach poisoning, and its contact effect is stronger than that of stomach poisoning. Substituting metaldehyde for inorganic pesticides such as calcium arsenate and Paris green, which play an important role in preventing and controlling the harm of snails and slugs.

- It is a special-purpose pesticide for killing molluscs, such as snails and slugs. It is also used as a solid fuel.



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      Metaldehyde 99%TC CAS 108-62-3
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