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Manganese carbonate 44% MnCO3 CAS 598-62-9 suppliers
Manganese carbonate 44% MnCO3 CAS 598-62-9
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    25 kg/bag
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    25 kg

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Buy Manganese carbonate 44% MnCO3 CAS 598-62-9 at whosale price, a chemical intermediate for industry uses, from TNJ Chemical, China leading Manganese carbonate suppliers & manufacturers from China. If you want to buy Manganese carbonate, please mail to [email protected]



Mn, %                                       ≥44.00

Sulfate(as SO4), %                       ≤0.50

Fe (as Fe3+), %                       ≤0.10

Chloride (as Cl), %                       ≤0.01


The raw material for the manufacture of soft ferrites for telecommunication equipment, synthesis of manganese dioxide and other manganese salts. Used as a catalyst for desulfurization, pigments for enamels, coatings and varnishes. It is also used as a fertilizer and feed additive. Used in medicine, welding electrode auxiliary materials, etc., as raw materials for the production of electrolytic metal manganese.



25 kg per bag

24~25 mt per 20ft container.

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      Manganese carbonate 44% MnCO3 CAS 598-62-9
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