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Lutein CAS 127-40-2
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Buy Herbal Marigold Flower Extract Lutein 5% 2% 10% 20% 80%, CAS 127-40-2an food cosmetic and pharma additive from TNJ Chemical, China leading natural Lutein suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Lutein 5% 2% 10% 20% 80%, please mail to sales@tnjchem.com

Herbal Marigold Flower Extract Lutein 5% 2% 10% 20% 80% is orange yellow fine powder,is made from marigold flower extract, can be used in food additives,also used as a medicinal pigment.

Specification of 5%

Appearance                               Orange yellow fine powder

Odor & taste                              Characteristic

Particle size                               NLT 95% through 80 meshes

Loss on drying                           5.0% max.

Sulphated ash                           5.0% max.

Heavy metals                            20ppm max.

Pb                                            2ppm

As                                            2ppm

Total aerobic count                    Not more than 1000cfu/gram

Yeast & Mold                             Not more than 100cfu/gram

E. Coli                                      Absence in 10g

Salmonella                               Absence in 10g

* We have 2%-80% production.


1. Used in paper making, printing and dyeing and other industries

2. Can be used in food coloring, also can add in poultry feed, improve egg yolk yellow

3. Can be widely used in food, health care products, cosmetics, medicine and feed additives.




Keep container tightly closed. Keep container in a cool, well-ventilated area. Do not store above 23C.


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      Lutein CAS 127-40-2
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