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Hydrogen peroxide 50% CAS 7722-84-1
Hydrogen peroxide 50% H2O2 CAS 7722-84-1
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    30kg/plastic drum or IBC
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Buy Hydrogen peroxide 50% H2O2 CAS 7722-84-1, a strong oxidizer from TNJ Chemical, China leading Hydrogen peroxide 50% suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy Hydrogen peroxide 50% CAS 7722-84-1, please mail to [email protected]

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 is a strong and environmental friendly oxidizer. It is used to bleach textile and paper products, manufacturer or process foodstuffs, minerals, petrochemicals and consumer products (detergent). Also used for industrial waste treatment(detoxification).


Purity                                     27.5%Min   35%Min     50%Min

Free Acid as H2SO4 (m/m)%     0.04           0.04     0.04

Evaporation residue (m/m)%     0.08           0.08     0.08

Stability%                                     97           97             97

Total carbon(as C )(m/m) %     0.03           0.025     0.035

Nitrate(as No3)(m/m)%             0.02           0.02    0.025


1) Pulp and paper, chemical synthesis, environmental uses, including water treatment, textiles, mining, electronics, food and cosmetics 

2) Textile and paper industries: As bleaching agent 

3) Chemical industry: In oxidation and hydroxylation reactions and production of organic/inorganic peroxides such as peracetic acid, sodium perborate and calcium peroxide 

4) Mining industry: In eliminating toxic effects of various mines 

5) Metallurgical industry: In obtaining metallic surfaces 

6) Cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food packaging industries: Sterilization 

7) Waste water treatment: Obtaining dissolved oxygen and eliminating toxic effects


- 35kg/Hdpe drums, 720drums/20fcl,  25.2mts/20fcl

- 1.2mts/IBC drums, 20IBC drums/20FCL, 24mts/20fcl

- 22mts/IOS Tank 


(1)Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container and in ventilated area.

(2)kept away from moisture and strong light or high temperature.
(3)Two years under well storage situation and stored away from direct sun light.

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      Hydrogen peroxide 50% H2O2 CAS 7722-84-1
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