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High Quality 99% Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium CAS 102-65-8 suppliers
High Quality 99% Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium CAS 102-65-8
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    25kg/Fibre drum
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    TNJ Chemical

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Appearance                       light yellow powders
CAS                                  102-65-8
Identification                     Positive
Related Compound             ≤0.5%
Loss on Drying                   ≤1.0%

Residue on ignition             ≤0.1%

Heavy metal                      20ppm

Assay                               ≥99.0%


1、Sulfachloropyrazine sodium is a special sulfa drug against coccidiosis and is widely used for coccidiosis in livestock and poultry. This product can compete for dihydrofolate synthase to affect the synthesis of dihydrofolate, thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria and coccidia Chemicalbook reproduction. The effect of this product on poultry coccidia is similar to that of sulfaquinoxaline, but it has a stronger antibacterial effect. It can even treat fowl cholera and chicken typhoid, so it is most suitable for the treatment of coccidiosis outbreaks.

2、Sulfonamide antibacterial drugs, used for E. coli and Pasteurella infections in poultry and livestock, and compound sulfachloropyridazine sodium salt prepared with trimethoprim and sucrose is more effective. Those who are allergic to sulfa drugs should not use it, and those with impaired renal function Use with caution.

25kg/Fibre drum 
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      High Quality 99% Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium CAS 102-65-8
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