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Guanidineacetic acid price suppliers
Guanidineacetic acid price
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Get reasonable Guanidineacetic acid price from TNJ Chemical, top China Guanidineacetic acid price suppliers,factory & manufacturers. We guarantee good price of Guanidineacetic acid with high quality. If you want to buy Guanidineacetic acid, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com

Product name      Guanidineacetic acid

CAS No.              352-97-6
EINECS               206-529-5
M.F.                    C6H15ClN4O2
M.W.                  117.11


Guanidineacetic acid is multi-functional amino acid. It is a powerful antibiotics and contains three peptide glutathione which plays its role by clycocyamine. It can promote muscle growth. It is a food additive and intermediates of organic synthesis. Very slightly beige solid, very soluble in water.the Melting Point more than 300℃. Used as food additives, intermediates in organic synthesis.



Appearance                   White crystalline powder
Melting Point                 265°C
Heavy Metals                10ppm max
As                                1ppm max
Loss on Drying              0.5% max
Residue on Ignition        0.2% max
Assay                           98.05%-100.5%
Total Plate Count           1000/g max
Mold                            100/g max
Coli Bacillus                  Negative


1) Glycocyamine(Guanidineacetic Acid) is an energy enhancer, which can improve the body energy, especially high physical strength and long time Physical exercise, it show the good effect in improving athletic intensity. Just like creatine as but no the related side effects.

2) According to engineer's information, formulate with betaine, glycocyamine(Guanidineacetic Acid) can be a food additive that treat muscle weakness.

3) Glycocyamine(Guanidineacetic Acid) can be used as the intermediates of organic synthetic.


25kgs/drum or paper bag

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      Guanidineacetic acid price
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