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Gellan Gum Price
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Gellan gum is a high molecular weight polysaccharide gum produced by a pure culture fermentation of a carbohydrate by strains of Pseudomonas elodea, purified by recovery with propan-2-ol or ethanol, dried, and milled. The high molecular weight polysaccharide is principally composed of a tetrasaccharide repeating unit of one rhamnose, one glucuronic acid, and two glucoses, and substituted with acyl (glyceryl and acetyl) groups as the O-glycosidically linked esters. The glucuronic acid is neutralised to a mixed potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium salt.

Appearance and Status                         White or off white powder
Solubility                                             Soluble in water, become viscous solutions; Not soluble in alcohol
Assay                                                  3.3%-6.8%(CO2)
Particle size 60 Mesh                            ≥95%
Gellan Gum Content                             85.0%—108.0%
Loss on drying                                     ≤15.0%
Ash                                                     ≤15%
PH(0.5% Solution)                               4.0—7.0
Isopropyl alcohol                                 ≤ 750 mg/kg
Mercury                                              ≤1mg/kg
Total plate count                                  ≤10000cfu/g
Yeast and Mould(CFU/g)                       ≤400cfu/g
E. Coli                                                 Negative
Salmonella                                          Negative

Suspending Beverage Gellan: Gum is perfect for a stable, pourable gelled beverage. A process for preparing a gelled beverage which involves dispersing Gellan gum and other beverage ingredients in solution agitating the solution, heating the solution while stirring, and concurrently rapidly cooling and shearing the solution. The beverage, which does not require the presence of other gelling agents or stabilizers, needs only about 0.01% to 0.15% Gellan Gum.
Air freshener: Air freshener gels are transparent, have a high melting temperature and may contain high levels of fragrance.
In air fresheners, gellan gum enables air freshener gels of crystal clarity to be formulated. The high melting temperature of these gels makes them suitable for use in hot environments, such as cars.
Culture Medium: Gellan gum can be used as an alternative to agar for microbiological media, and as a bacterial growth media. It is also ideal medium for plant tissue cultivation. It is particularly useful for the culture of thermophilic microorganisms, as the gels are thermostable and can withstand prolonged incubations at high temperatures. In addition, acceptable gel strengths can be obtained using gellan gum at a lower level than agar, and spreader colonies do not become too large. In these microbiological media applications, the high purity of gellan gum and the water-like clarity of the gels are distinct additional advantages.
In plant tissue culture, gellan gum offers a promising alternative to agar because of its purity. Gellan gum used at one-fifth the agar use level, resists contamination by moulds, is easily washed from the plant tissue for transplanting, and allows clear observation of root and tissue development. It is extremely effective at low use levels and forms solid gels at concentrations as low as 0.1%. These are prepared by adding an electrolyte (e.g., a salt, an acid or an anionic surfactant) to a hot gellan solution and then cooling.
Pharmaceutical Industry: Gellan gum can be used to produce easy-to-swallow solid dosage forms, such as gels and coated tablets, and to modify the rate of release of active ingredients from tablets and capsules. Gellan gum is also conveniently used for controlled or sustained release of various drugs and also for micro-encapsulation preparation. The bioavailability of theophilline from the gellan gels increases 4-5 folds in rats and 3 folds in rabbits compared to a commercial sustained release liquid dosage form.
Dairy: If the gellan gum is added to milk, and then heated and cooled down, the gellan gum makes the gel of unique structure. In manufacture of various dairy products, such as ice cream and yoghurt, the gellan gum acts as a stabilizer to help formation of gel. The gellan gum's heat stability and low viscosity at high temperature are useful in manufacturing a product going through heat treatment, such as UHT or HTST.
Cosmetics Gellan gum is a natural polysaccharide polymer structure, with a strong stability and hydrophilic, has the strong water lock function, can make the active factor and moisture nutrition achieve perfect balance, to extend the time of moisturizing, can be used in: collagen, essence cream, tender skin dew water, lotion, facial mask, facial cream, eye cream, lipstick, etc.

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