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Ethylene dimethacrylate
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Ethylene dimethacrylate CAS 97-90-5 is clear,colorless or yellowish liquid. Slightly soluble in water.



Appearance               Clear, colorless or yellowish liquid
Assay (GC), %,≥        99.0
Color,APHA,≤             20
Acid Value,%,≤           0.02
Moisture, %, ≤           0.02
Inhibitor,ppm,≤          20± 5



- Used as Cross-linking agent. Mainly used for plastic, rubber industry, used for ethylene/acrylic copolymer, ABS,

acrylic sheet, pipe, glass fiber reinforced polyester, PVC, ion exchange resin, smokeless powder package polymerization,glaze, etc.

- Also used in artificial marble, dental materials, emulsion copolymer, paper making, rubber hardening peroxide

modification agent, adhesive, printing ink, optical polymer,etc.

- Used as important materials for cancer.



200 kg plastic drum

Total 80 drums,16 MT per 20ft container.



Keep container dry. Keep container tightly closed, in a cool, well-ventilated area.

Keep away from extreme heat and oxidizing agents.

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      Ethylene dimethacrylate
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