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Ethyl vanillin 25kg
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Ethyl vanillin is the organic compound with the formula (C2H5O)(HO)C6H3CHO. This colorless solid consists of a benzene ring with hydroxyl, ethoxy, andformyl groups on the 4, 3, and 1 positions, respectively. As a flavorant, ethylvanillin is about three times as potent as vanillin and is used in the production of chocolate.



Appearance                          White to light yellow crystalline powder or needle crystalline
Odor                                     Similar to vanilla
Solubility                               1g in 2ml 95% ethyl alcohol
Assay                                    ≥99%
Melting Point                         81.0-83.0
Loss on drying                      ≤0.5%
Content of AS                       ≤0.0003%
Heavy Metal                          ≤0.001%
H.B.M.                                   ≤0.1%


This product is a broad-spectrum type spices, is one of the most important synthetic spices in the world , is an important and indispensable raw material in food additive industry.Be widely used in food, chocolate, ice cream, drinks and daily cosmetics set incense flavoured and role.Ethyl vanillin also can be used as feed additives, as brightening agent in electroplating industry , intermediates of pharmaceutical industry.



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      Ethyl vanillin 25kg
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