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Ethyl Chloroacetate CAS 105-39-5
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Chemical Name:         Ethyl chloroacetate

CAS No.:                   105-39-5

Molecular Formula:     C4H7ClO2

Molecular weight:       122.55


Appearance          Colorless transparent liquid

Ethyl chloroacetate ≥99%

Ethyl dichloroacetate ≤1%

Ethanol                   ≤0.3%


1) used as a solvent, also used in organic synthesis

2) Used as a raw material for pharmaceuticals and perfumes, also as a solvent

3) Ethyl chloroacetate can be used as a raw material for preparing the insecticide oxazolidine and the herbicide chlorpyrifos ethyl ester, and can also be used for synthesizing the antitumor drug 5-fluorouracil and perfume.

4) Used as a solvent and organic synthetic raw material. Used to prepare anti-tumor drugs 5-fluorouracil, perfume and poison gas.


200kg /drum, 80 drums/20"FCL

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      Ethyl Chloroacetate CAS 105-39-5
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