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DTPA-5Na Suppliers, factory, manufacturers
DTPA-5Na Suppliers
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Find DTPA-5Na suppliers from China, and select TNJ Chemical as the top DTPA-5Na suppliers,factory and manufacturers. We offer best price of DTPA-5Na with high quality. If you want to buy DTPA-5Na, please feel free to contact [email protected]

Physical Information

Appearance                                     Yellow or light yellow liquid

Density,g/cm3                                 1.29  

Boiling point,℃                                106

Melting point,℃                               -40

Flash point,℃                                  389.9

Refractive index                              1.4185-1.4205

Solubility                                         Soluble in cold water, insoluble in alcohol & benzene



Items                                              DTPA-5Na 40%                             DTPA-5Na 50%

Appearance                                    Yellow or light yellow liquid              Yellow or light yellow liquid

Assay, %                                         ≥40.00                                           ≥50.00

Chloride (Cl), %                               ≤0.005                                            ≤0.005

Sulfate (SO4), %                             ≤0.005                                            ≤0.005

Heavy metals (Pb), %                      ≤0.0005                                          ≤0.0005

Iron (Fe), %                                    ≤0.0005                                          ≤0.0005

Chelating value, mgCaCO3/g            ≥80                                                 ≥100

Specific gravity, g/cm3                    1.30-13.40                                       1.35-1.45

PH (1% solution at 25℃)                 10-12                                              11-12


DTPA-5Na can rapidly form water-soluble complexes with metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, copper and manganese, especially for high-valent state of metal ions complex ability, therefore it is widely used: 

1) Hydrogen peroxide bleach enhancer stabilizer

2) Water softener

3) Textile printing and dyeing industry auxiliaries

4) Color photographic material processing processing bleach fixing solution

5) Analytical chemistry of the reference reagent

6) Chelating titrant

7) Daily chemical industry

8) Cosmetics industry


250kg per plastic drum, 20mt per 20ft container

1250kg per IBC drum, 20mt per 20ft container

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