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Diflubenzuron suppliers suppliers
Diflubenzuron suppliers
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    25kg/fiber drum
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Appearance:     White to light-yellowish crystalline solid.
Melting Point:    210~230
Solubility:          Almost insoluble in water(0.08mg/L).Moderate to good in most polarto-very polar solvents.


98%TC   75%WP    25%WP   5%WP   20%EC   5%EC   20%SC


Diflubenzuron is the earliest benzoyl urea chitin synthesis inhibitor. Insecticidal spectrum is wide, special effects on lepidoptera, diptera insect pests. To prevention and control of pests with resistance to organophosphorus, organochlorine, and other pesticides.


25kg/fiber drum or according per customer's requirements



Store in a clean, cool, dry area; Keep away from strong, direct light. 

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      Diflubenzuron suppliers
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