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Decanoic Acid price suppliers
Decanoic Acid price
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    99% min
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    5 drums

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Physical Information

Appearance                           White crystalline

Density                                 0.893g/cm3

Melting Point                         27-32℃

Boiling point                          268-270℃

Refractive index                    1.4169

FEMA                                    2364

Solubility                              Slightly soluble in hot water, but soluble in most organic solvents and dilute nitric acid


Appearance                           White crystalline or colorless liquid

Assay                                    ≥99.00%

Moisture                                ≤0.20%

Nature degree test (C14)        95±3%

Acid value                             322.0 ~ 327.0mgKOH/g

Iodine value                          ≤0.60g/100g

Saponification value               323.0 ~ 328.0mgKOH/g

Relative Density                     0.8750 ~ 0.8950 (25/25℃)

Refractive Index [nD20]         1.420 ~ 1.430



1) Decanoic Acid used for synthesis of flavors,  fragrances and medicines.

2) Decanoic Acid used for antifoaming agents.

3) Decanoic Acid used to make esters and make juice.

4) Decanoic Acid mainly used in the production of decanoate products, and its esters are used as spices, 

humectants, plasticizers and food additives.


180kg per blue plastic drum;

Total 14.4MT per 20ft container on pallets(without pallets)


Keep in a cool and dry place. Ground all equipment containing material. 

Corrosive materials should be stored in a separate safety storage cabinet or room.

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      Decanoic Acid price
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