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D-Ribose price
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Get reasonable D-Ribose price from TNJ Chemical, top China D-Ribose price suppliers,factory & manufacturers. We guarantee good price of D-Ribose with high quality. If you want to buy D-Ribose, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com

D-Ribose is marketed in the USA as a dietary supplement. Some studies have found D-ribose increase endurance, recovery and muscle output in healthy individuals. D-Ribose is also marketed as a stress relief ingredient. Our product is produced through fermentation with yield rate and stable quality by adopting reliable, applied extraction & refinement technics which makes this product advanced in world, and annual output is more than 800 tons.


Appearance                                              White crystals or crystalline powder

Assay                                                      97%~102%
[a]D20 Specificrotation                             -180~-220
State of solution                                       NLT95%
Arsenic(As2O3)                                         NMT2ppm
Heavy metal(Pb)                                       NMT10ppm
Loss on drying                                          NMT3.0%

Residue on ignition(sulfated)                      NMT0.20%

Other saccharide                                       Chromatographically not detectable

Bacteria count                                          NMT100cfu/g
Mould& Yeast                                            NMT100cfu/g
Coliform group                                          NMT40MPN/100g
Pathogenic bacteria                                   Do not detected in 25g


-Pharmaceutical intermediates: Production of Vitamin B2 (it is also can be called riboflavin), ribofuranose, ribopyranose, anti-virus medicine, anti-tumor medicine and nucleoside analogue medicines

-Health care: Carbonsource for some high value-added biological products. 

-Food additives: production of spices, seasonings and other flavors.




kept in dry, shady and cool place.

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      D-Ribose price
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