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Cyclopentanone suppliers suppliers
Cyclopentanone suppliers
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    190 kg/drum
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    1 FCL

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Appearance              Transparent liquid

Color                       <10

Purity                      ≥99.5%

Total impurities   <0.5%

Acid value             <0.5mgKOH/g

Water                <0.5%


Cyclopentanone is common precursor to fragrances, especially those related to jasmine and jasmone. Examples include 2-pentyl- and 2-heptylcyclopentanone. It is a versatile synthetic intermediate, being a precursor to cyclopentobarbital.

Cyclopentanone is also used to make cyclopentamine, the pesticide pencycuron, and pentethylcyclanone


190 kg/drum, 15.2 MT/20 feet contanier

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      Cyclopentanone suppliers
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