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China Salicylaldehyde suppliers, CAS#: 90-02-8 suppliers
China Salicylaldehyde suppliers, CAS#: 90-02-8
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    200kg /drum
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Salicylaldehyde can evaporate with steam. Case of ferric chloride was purple. And the role of sulfuric acid was orange, and metal ions can form a colored chelate coordination compounds. To produce salicylic acid when reduced.


Appearance                Light yellow liquid

Assay by GC,%           ≥99.0

Free Phenol(T),%        ≤0.9

Others,%                    ≤0.2


Salicylaldehyde is a kind of perfume, and it is also a kind of organic synthetic intermediate.

It is often used in the synthesis of salicylic acid hydrazine (Salinazid), Malone (Benzbromarone) and aspirin, and so on



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      China Salicylaldehyde suppliers, CAS#: 90-02-8
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