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China Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC price, CAS 9004-65-3 suppliers
China Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC price, CAS 9004-65-3
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

    C3H7O *
  • Quality Standard:

    Pharma, Industrial, Food, Cosmetic
  • Packing:

    25kg/fiber drum
  • Mininmum Order:


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HPMC Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose CAS 9004-65-3 is a semisynthetic, inert, viscoelastic polymer used as an ophthalmic lubricant, as well as an excipient and controlled-delivery component in oral medicaments, found in a variety of commercial products. As a food additive, hypromellose is an emulsifier, thickening and suspending agent, and an alternative to animal gelatin.


1) Appearance: HPMC is a nonionic cellulose ether, white grayish-white powder or granule,odorless and flavorless, soluble in cold water, glacial acetic acid, ethanol, methanol and propylene glycol, slightly soluble in acetone depending on the degree of substitutions, practically insoluble in hot water, ethylene glycol and toluene. HPMC is dissolved in a mixture of 10% methanol and 90% methylene chloride to form colloidal solutions.
2) The solution of HPMC has surface activity, high transparency, and stable performance. When heated at certain temperature, the solution becomes cloudy or forms flocculent gel. However, the solution becomes clear again after cooling. Different types of HPMC have different gelation temperatures. The solubility varies with the viscosity. The lower the viscosity, the higher solubility it has. The different types of HPMC are different in some properties and their solubility in water is not affected by pH.
3) Particle sizes: 100% pass rate in 80 mesh.
4) Apparent density: 0.25-0.70 g/mL (usually about 0.5 g/mL),specific density 1.26-1.31mL.
5) Color change temperature:190-200°C; Carbonization temperature:280-300°C.
6) Surface tension:42-56 dyn/cm (2% aqueous solution).
) The higher methoxy content in HPMC, the lower gelation temperature, and the higher solubility in water and surface activity.

8) HPMC has some other characteristics, for example, thickening property, pH stability, retention of water, excellent film-forming property, good disperse and adhesion ability

Specification for Phama Grade HPMC

Item               Viscosity (CPS, 2%Brookfield)                      Usage            (2%

E5                             4-5.5                               Suitable for plant capsule, coating
E6                             5.6-7.0                            Suitable for plant coating
E8                             7.1-9.0                            Suitable for plant coating
E10                           9.1-12.0                          Suitable for plant coating
E15                           12.1-18.0                         Suitable for plant coating
E30                           24-36                               Suitable for adhesive
E50                           40-60                               Suitable for adhesive
E70                           61-80                               Suitable for adhesive
E100                         91-120                             Suitable for adhesive
E4M                          3000-5000                       Suitable for sustained-control release preparations
K100                         91-120                             Suitable for adhesive
K4M                          3000-5000                       Suitable for sustained-control release preparations

K100M                      80000-120000                 Suitable for sustained-control release preparations


Specification for Industrial Grade HPMC

Item                  Viscosity (CPS, 2%Brookfield) )          Usage                             

TNJ-400                     400                                 Self-leveling
TNJ-4000                   4000                               Crack Filler
TNJ-10000                 10000                             Crack Filler
TNJ-20000                 20000                             Cement mortar & Crack Filler
TNJ-30000                30000                              Cement mortar, Crack Filler, External wall insulation & Ceramic Extrusion
TNJ-35000                35000                              Cement mortar
TNJ-45000                45000                              Cement mortar, External wall insulation & Ceramic Extrusion
TNJ-55000                55000                              Tile adhesive, External wall insulation & Gypsum-based plaster

TNJ-65000                65000                              Tile adhesive & External wall insulation


There are many fields of application for hypromellose, including:

- Tile adhesives
- Cement renders
- Gypsum products
- Pharmaceutical
- Paints & coatings
- Food
- Cosmetics
- Detergents & cleaners
- Eye drops
- Contact lenses


Pharma grade:     25kg/fiber drum, 9mt/20''container

Industrial grade:   25kg/bag, 14mt/20''container


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      China Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC price, CAS 9004-65-3
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