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CAS 124-41-4
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Sodium methoxide (CAS 124-41-4) is a chemical compound with the formula CH3ONa. This colorless solid, which is formed by the deprotonation of methanol, is a widely used reagent in industry and the laboratory. It is also a dangerously caustic base. Sodium methoxide solution is colourless to slightly yellowish,viscous liquid.


Sodium methoxide is prepared by carefully treating methanol with sodium. The reaction is so exothermic that ignition is possible. The resulting solution, which is colorless, is often used as a source of sodium methoxide, but the pure material can be isolated by evaporation by heating to remove residual methanol. The solid and especially solutions absorb carbon dioxide from the air, thus diminishing the effectiveness of the base.


Specification of Sodium methoxide

Sodium methoxide solution

 Appearance   Colorless to slight yellowish viscous liquid
Content(Total alkali)   29.5~31.0 %
Sodium Methoxide  28.9~31.0 %
Sodium Hydroxide  ≤ 0.5 % max
Sodium Carbonate  ≤ 0.1 % max
Moisture (H2O)   ≤ 0.2 % max
Methanol    ≤ 69.0~70.9 %       

Sodium methoxide solid

 Appearance       White powder
 Content (Total alkali)   ≥99.0% 
 Sodium Methoxide  ≥97.0%
 Free alkali    ≤1.5%
 Sodium Carbonate  ≤0.3%
 Moisture (H2O)    ≤0.65%


Organic synthesis
Sodium methoxide is a routinely used base in organic chemistry, applicable to the synthesis of numerous compounds, ranging from pharmaceuticals to agrochemicals. As a base, it is employed in dehydrohalogenations and various condensations. It is also a nucleophile for the production of methyl ethers.
Industrial application
Sodium methoxide is used as an initiator of anionic addition polymerization with ethylene oxide, forming a polyether with high molecular weight. Biodiesel is prepared from vegetable oils and animal fats, that is, fatty acid triglycerides, by transesterification with methanol to give fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs). This transformation is catalyzed by sodium methoxide.

Medical use

Mainly used in pharmaceutical industry such as the manufacture of vitamin A1,Vitamin B1,sulfadiazine,trimethoprim and so on,as well as in biodiesel industry.

Other use

It also can be used as the edible catalyst and the analytical reagent.


Liquid:  ISO Tank:20~22.5mt/tank
           Steel drum:200kg/drum;80drums/20"container

Solid:   Mouth opened steal drum:100~120kg/drum (10~12bags/drum10kg/bag)
           80drums /20"container (20 pallets per container)


Storage & Transport
It should be storaged in cool and dry warehouse. It should be kept away from flame,
heat resource, antioxidant,acids and storaged and transported isolatedly. 
Light handling and discharge.Keep packing complete.

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      CAS 124-41-4
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