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Carbohydrazide price suppliers
Carbohydrazide price
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    25kg/ fiber drum
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Appearance                    White crystalline power

Content                          ≥99.0%

Free hydrazine,PPM         ≤250

Melting point,℃               152-157

Loss on drying,%            ≤0.5

Water insolubility,%        ≤0.1


A:Industrial grade
1)Oxygen scrubber: carbohydrazide is used to remove oxygen in boiler systems. Oxygen scrubbers prevent corrosion.
2)Precursor to polymers: carbohydrazide can be used as a curing agent for epoxide-type resins
3)Photography: carbohyrazide is used in the silver halide diffusion process as one of the toners. Carbohydrazide is used to stabilize color developers that produce images of the azo-methine and azine classes
4)Carbohydrazide has been used to develop ammunition propellants, stabilize soaps, and used a reagent in organic synthesis.
B: Pharmaceutical grade:Carbohydrazide is widely used in medicine area.

C: Agricultural grade:Carbohydrazide can also be used as Herbicides, and plant growth regulator


25kg/ fiber drum


Store in a Ventilated, and dry place at low temperature, separate from strong acid, strong oxidizer

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      Carbohydrazide price
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