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Calcium Formate suppliers suppliers
Calcium Formate suppliers
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    Feed grade, Industrial grade
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Product Name:   Calcium Formate 

CAS No.:           544-17-2

MF:                   Ca(HCOO)2


1) Feed addtitives. As feed additives, which can stimulation animals appetite and Reduce the rate of  diarrhea. After animal be weaned, add 1.5% calcium formate in feed, which can improve animal growth rate more than 12%.

2) Construction. In winter ,Calcium formate can be used as acceleration concreting for cement. Dry-Mix system . accelerate the cement hardening rate, shorten the coagulation time, especially in the winter construction, to avoid condensation at low temperatures

3) Additives for explore the petroleum and natural gas. 


Industry Grade 

Calcium Formate % min          98.0

Ca % min                              30.0

Moisture % max                     0.5

PH Value                                6.5-8.0

Appearance                            Crystal Flowing Powder

Dryed Lost Weight % max       1.0

Feed Grade

Calcium Formate % min          98.0

Ca % min                              30.0

Moisture % max                     0.5 

Pb % max                             0.002

As % max                             0.002

Heavy Metals % max             0.002

Insoluble substances % max   0.30

Dryed Lost Weight % max      1.0

PH Value                               6.0-7.5

Appearance                           Crystal Flowing Powder



Usually packed in 25kg PP woven bag or craft paper bags, or 500/1100kg jumbo bag. 

We also could pack according to customer's request. 

20tons with pallet per FCL; 22tons without pallet per FCL 

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      Calcium Formate suppliers
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