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Buy potassium silicate at best price from China suppliers suppliers
Buy potassium silicate at best price from China suppliers
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Potassium Silicate CAS 1312-76-1 is fine, white powder, powdery instant potassium silicate has the same ratio as liquid silicates. When dissolved, it forms a hazy, colorless colloidal solution.


Type PSP260 (SiO2)  48%-54%

Type PSP360 (SiO2)  60%-66%
 * Please refer to Technical Data Sheet for lot specifications data


Potassium Silicate is used in Arc Welding Electrode,Acid Resistant Cement,Refractory Cement,Oil Exploration, Agriculture, Adhesives. 

Welding Electrode:

Potassium Silicate is used as a binder in Arc Welding Electrodes A Welding electrodes coating consists of various minerals and metal powders together with Potassium Silicate, which then extruded into the electrode. Potassium Silicate provides a smooth extrusion and act as a binder. Potassium Silicate yield a smoothness quite burning Arc and controls the Arc spattering and these all things are most important in a good quality welding electrode. 

Acid Resistant Cements:
Acid resistant bricks work and lining are required in many industrial process. The acid resistant bricks are readily available and suitable cement are selected. Potassium Silicate is an extremely useful binder for their cements, as the action of acid and Potassium Silicate is to produce free silica which is resistant to all acids

except hydrofluoric Acid & minimise porosity. 

Refractory Cement:

The properties of Potassium Silicate are very suitable for production of high temperature cements. Potassium Silicate soften & flow at a higher temperature then Sodium Silicate. Potassium Silicate is used in various high temperature binders.

Protective & Decorative Coatings:

Potassium Silicate is an excellent vehicle for pigments, which are applied to stone concrete, Stucco bricks & metal surfaces. Potassium Silicate films do not form carbonates on exposure to the atmosphere, therefore, the films of Potassium Silicate remains free from frosty bloom.


25 kg, 50 kg, or 250 kg plastic drums


Stored in cool and airy place; away from fire and heat; handle with care;no breakage, avoid leakage.

* Please refer to MSDS for more information about Safety, Storage and Transportation.
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      Buy potassium silicate at best price from China suppliers
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