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Beta-cyclodextrin suppliers, factory, manufacturers
Beta-cyclodextrin suppliers
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Find Beta-cyclodextrin suppliers CAS 7585-39-9 from China, and select TNJ Chemical as the top Beta-cyclodextrin suppliers, factory and manufacturers. We offer best price of Beta-cyclodextrin suppliers with high quality. If you want to buy Beta-cyclodextrin, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com 

B-cyclodextrin CAS.7585-39-9 is a non-reducing cyclic polysaccharide which is composed of α-1,4-bond by seven D-glucopyranosyl units. White or almost white crystalline solid or crystalline powder, actually odorless, slightly sweet.Widely used in the separation of organic compounds and for organic synthesis, but also for pharmaceutical excipients, food additives, etc.


Appearance                         White crystal or crystalline powder      

Specific optical rotation       +159.0o~+164.0o                             

Identification                       Positive                                                

Color of solution                  Clear and transparent                         

PH                                      5.0~8.0                                           

Loss on Drying, %                ≤14.0                                              

Residue on Ignition, %         ≤0.10                                               

Heavy metals, ppm              ≤1.00                                                

Reducing sugar, %               ≤1.00                                              

Bacterials, cfu/g                   ≤1,000.00                                       

Mold, cfu/g                          ≤100.00                                             

Assay, % (dry basis)            98.0~102.0                                       


As a food additive, Beta-cyclodextrin can make the finished product antioxidant, light, therma

l decomposition and volatilization, keep the product stable; change the liquid food into a solid;

remove bitter taste and odor, improve the perfume and pigment stability ; 

To enhance the emulsification capacity and to prevent moisture absorption and moisture resistance; 

To prevent corruption and deterioration; 

To improve food flavor and smell, long-term to maintain and improve food quality, product storage and transportation convenience; 

Improve food taste and enhance the quality of meals.



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      Beta-cyclodextrin suppliers
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