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Best price of Soya Lecithin (GMO Free) from China suppliers suppliers
Best price of Soya Lecithin (GMO Free) from China suppliers
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    Food, Feed, Pharma, Industrial grade
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    Solid: 20kg/carton or drum Liquid: 200kg/drum
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    TNJ Chemical

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Buy Soya Lecithin (GMO Free) from TNJ Chemical, China leading Soya Lecithin factory suppliers offering best price. To buy Soya Lecithin from us makes you feel easy in business. If you want to inquire Soya Lecithin price, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com

Soya Lecithin feed additives is a new substitute of soya lecithin with rich lecithin (PC) cephalin (PE) inositol phospholipids (PI). As its strong water- soluble property, light color appearance and good liquidity, it is easy to be added particularly in the liquid ingredients. It will form a milky liquid after being mixed with water. It can strengthen the immunity of animals. According to the product emulsification features, it can promote the animal enteric emulsion after using this soya lecithin, so as to have the high absorption.


Feed grade oil-soluble soya lecithin thoroughly solve the problems such as the uneven texture, the poor liquidity and the unstable quality, etc. By using such lecithin, the physical and chemical index of product quality will be more stable, and the emulsification will be more better. The packing is iron drums. such packing avoids the product beaning contacted with air too much to keep the its acid value.Our factory can achieve mass production, one of the production line can produce 100 tons lecithin by one time.Every production line is enough stable for exporting.



Appearance                              Translucent liquid

Assay Acetone insoluble           ≥60%

Ether insoluble                         ≤0.5%

Acid value                                 ≤30mgKOH/g

Moisture                                   ≤1.0%

Color,Gardner,5%                    ≤12



Soya lecithin is a natural-sourced, consistent, superior feed ingredient that is an excellent source of dietary phospholipids. It is a good additive for Poultry, Fish, Prawn, Shrimp, Pig & Pet, Cows & Cattle, other aquatic animals etc.

Add phospholipids 2-5%, then can increase weight 15%, increase rate of weight growth to 30%, save feed 20.3%, reduce feed coefficient 2-8%,increase utilization of fat 3.5%, increase protein effective rate 30%, increase survival rate 2%.

Add phospholipids 2-5%, increase weight 15%, increase relative growth rate 36%, increase survival rate 8%, save feed 13%.

Table poultry 

Add 2% in earlier stage, add 2.5% in mid-term, add 3% in later stage, then daily Weight increased by 8%, feed efficiency can be increased by 7%, survival rate can be increased by 1.5%, the economic benefit can be increased by 2%.

Layer laying hen
Adding phospholipids 1-3%, increasing laying rate 6%, increasing the weight 2.8g per egg, reducing the feed consumption 7.8% per egg, reducing protein consumption 7.2% per egg,extending the peak of laying eggs for half month, the phospholipids in yolk is 93mg/g.

Breeding hens
In hot and humid season, add phospholipids 2%, laying egg rate will increase 7%, economic benefit will increase 6%.

Add phospholipids 2-6%, daily weight increasment 8%, feed consumption will decrease 7%, economic benefit will increase 7%,and immunity also can be increased.

Cows & Cattles
Feed 100-200g soybean lecithin powder every day, daily weight increased by 10%; Add phospholipids 4-6% to milk cow feed , daily milk yield can be increased by 4-10%.



1) 200kgs net weight steel drums(small mouth & top open)
- Small mouth :1x20 fcl can load 98 drums( two layer standing and one layer sleep), with 19.6tons total.
- Top open: 1x20 fcl can load 80 drums ( two layer standing ), with 16 tons total
2) 20 liters Portable plastic drums, with 12 tons total.
3) 200kgs HDPE drums:1x20 fcl can load 80 drums ( two layer standing ), with 16 tons total.
4) 1MT IBC drums:1X20fcl can load 20 IBC drums, with 20tons total.
5) Flexi bag packing with 22 tons total.
6) 25kg/fiber drum or bags for powder.

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      Best price of Soya Lecithin (GMO Free) from China suppliers
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