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Avobenzone price
Best Avobenzone price
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Where to find competitive Avobenzone price quotation from China suppliers CAS 70356-09-1?  TNJ Chemical is top China Avobenzone supplier, factory & manufacturer, offering best Avobenzone price. If you want to buy Avobenzone, please feel free to contact [email protected]

Avobenzone is an oil-soluble ingredient used in sunscreen products to absorb the full spectrum of UVA rays. It is a dibenzoylmethane derivative. Avobenzone exists in the ground state as a mixture of the enol and keto forms, favoring the chelated enol. This enol form is stabilized by intramolecular hydrogen-bonding within the β-diketone. Its ability to absorb ultraviolet light over a wider range of wavelengths than many other sunscreen agents has led to its use in many commercial preparations marketed as "broad spectrum" sunscreens. Avobenzone has an absorption maximum of 357 nm.


Appearance                                 White to off-white crystalline powder

Assay                                          95.0%-105.0%

Melting point                               81°C-86°C

Loss on drying                             Max. 0.5%

Chromatographic purity                1.Any individual impurity: Max. 3.0%

                                                  2.The sum of all of the impurities: Max. 4.5%

Specific Gravity                           1.037-1.041

Acidity(mg KOH/g)                      Max. 1.0


Avobenzone having phenyl ketone group and sterically hindered group in one molecule, is an oil soluble sunscreen agent that absorbs a wider range of UV wavelengths. It absorbs both UV-A (380–315 nm that is associated with long term skin damage) and UV-B (315–280 nm that causes sunburn) rays. Avobenzone is known as one of the most effective sunscreen ingredient.   



Storage & Handling

Store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area away from heat ,open flames, organic chemicals, oxidants and light. 

Always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for detailed information on handling and disposal.

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      Best Avobenzone price
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