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Benzyl chloride
Benzyl chloride 99.5% from China suppliers & Manufacturers at best price
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    200kgs per plastic drum
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Properties of Benzyl Chloride

Benzyl chloride CAS 100-44-7 is colorless flammable fluid with irritant smell, soluble in ethyl alcohol and ether, unsoluble in water. As an important synthesis intermediate, Benzyl Chloride can be applied to a variety of fields ranging from the syntheses of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, and dyestuffs to perfumes.

Appearance             colorless to slightly yellow liquid
Odor                        pungent, aromatic
Density                    1.100 g/cm3
Melting point           −39 °C (−38 °F; 234 K)
Boiling point            179 °C (354 °F; 452 K)
Solubility                  in water, very slightly soluble (0.05% at 20 °C); soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform, CCl4, miscible in organic solvents

Specification Item for Benzyl Chloride

Appearance                               Clear liquid                 

Benzylidene chloride, %            ≤0.50             
Color, Hazan                             ≤25.00         
Water, %                                   ≤0.10               
Specific gravity (Kg/M3 20C)      1099~1105       
Acid value, %                             ≤0.01                   
Assay, %                                   ≥99.0              

Applications & Features of Benzyl Chloride

Benzyl chloride is used in organic synthesis for the introduction of the benzyl protecting group for alcohols (yielding the corresponding benzyl ether) and carboxylic acids (yielding the corresponding benzyl ester). Industrially, benzyl chloride is the precursor to benzyl esters which are used as plasticizers, flavorants, and perfumes. Phenylacetic acid, a precursor to pharmaceuticals, is produced from benzyl cyanide, which is generated by treatment of benzyl chloride with sodium cyanide. Quaternary ammonium salts, used as surfactants, are readily formed by alkylation of tertiary amines with benzyl chloride.


Generally, Benzyl chloride is used for leather, synthetic fibre, medical, petro-chemical, electricity, dying material, paint, metal processing industry.

- Plasticizers

- Surfactants
- Oilfield
- Pharmaceuticals
- Dye stuffs

Packaging of Benzyl Chloride

200kgs per plastic drum


Storage & Handling of Benzyl Chloride

Keep container in a cool, well-ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed and sealed until ready for use. Avoid all possible sources of ignition (spark or flame).

Benzyl Chloride undergoes a rapid condensation polymerization upon exposure to many metals of construction or by contamination with metallic ions. These include iron, tin, zinc, copper, aluminum and magnesium. Contact with any of these metals or any Lewis Acid Catalyst must be avoided.

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      Benzyl chloride 99.5% from China suppliers & Manufacturers at best price
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