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Barbituric acid CAS 67-52-7
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TNJ Chemical produces super quality Barbituric acid CAS 67-52-7  - 99.0%MIN assay, GMP SGS certification, USP BP EP FCC standard, Competitive price, online purchase support. To buy Barbituric acid CAS 67-52-7, please contact [email protected]

Chemical Name: Barbituric acid
CAS NO.: 67-52-7
Molecular Formula: C4H4N2O3
Molecular Weight: 128.09
Assay: ≥99%

Used as organic synthesis raw materials, pharmaceuticals, plastics and dye intermediates. It is an intermediate of medicines such as barbiturate and vitamin B12, and can also be used as a polymerization catalyst and the preparation of benzimidazolone organic pigments. It can also be used as a reagent for colorimetric determination of aldehydes and polypentoses,



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      Barbituric acid CAS 67-52-7
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