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Atorvastatin calcium price suppliers
Atorvastatin calcium price
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    25 kg/drum
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    1 kg
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Atorvastatin calcium (CSA No 134523-03-8) is marketed under the trade name Lipitor among others, is a member of the drug class known as statins, which are used primarily as a lipid-lowering agent and for prevention of events associated with cardiovascular disease. Like all statins, atorvastatin works by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme found in liver tissue that plays a key role in production of cholesterol in the body.

Atorvastatin was first made in August 1985 at Warner-Lambert's Parke-Davis research facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan by a team led by Bruce Roth. From 1996 to 2012 under the trade name Lipitor, atorvastatin became the world's best-selling drug to that point, with more than US$125 billion in sales over approximately 14.5 years. In the UK atorvastatin costs about 2 pounds per month as of 2016.


Appearance                                 White or almost white powder

WATER                                         3.5-5.5%

Heavy metals                                 NMT20ppm

Assay                                         98.0%-102%(calculated to anhydrous substances)

Enantiomer atorvastatin calcium         NMT0.3%

Impurity A                                         NMT0.3%

Impurity B                                         NMT0.3%

Impurity C                                         NMT0.3%

Impurity D                                 NMT0.1%

Unspecfied impurity                         NMT0.1%

Total                                                 NMT1.0%

Ethanol                                         NMT5000ppm

Toluene                                         NMT890ppm

Hexane                                         NMT290ppm

Total aerobic miorobial count         NMT1000CFU/g

Total combined mold and yeast count NMT100CFU/g

Eschericha coli                                 Negative


Atorvastatin Calcium, used for lowering blood cholesterol. It also stabilizes plaque and prevents strokes through anti-inflammation and other mechanisms. Like all statins, atorvastatin works by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme found in liver tissue that plays a key role in production of cholesterol in the body.


25 kg/drum.

Stored in dry and cool place.

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