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alpha-terpineol price
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    50% 65% 70% 85% 90% 98%
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Product Name: Terpineol

Synonyms: alpha-Terpineol

CAS: 98-55-5

Formula: C10H18O


A colorless liquid or a low-melting transparent crystal with a butyl flavor. 1 part of terpineol can be dissolved in 2 parts by volume of 70% ethanol solution, slightly soluble in water and glycerin.


50% 65% 70% 85% 90% 98% Terpineol


It is used to prepare lilac etc. fragrant type high-grade perfumed soap and cosmetics essence.


180KG/Drum, 80 drums per 20 feet container

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      alpha-terpineol price
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