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Abamectin CAS 71751-41-2
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TNJ Chemical produces super quality Abamectin CAS 71751-41-2- 99%MIN assay, GMP SGS certification, USP BP EP FCC standard, Competitive price, online purchase support. To buy Abamectin CAS 71751-41-2,please contact [email protected]

Abamectin CAS 71751-41-2 is a new generation of agro-pestiside which is widely used to protect kill many kinds of insects in plant, fruit tress, flowers, and tea, etc. Abamectin includes mainly technical, water soluble granules(WSG), emulsion concentration(EC), ect. It is also used to kill some parasites in animals or used to protect the room environment where we live.

Identification            IR Corresponds with that of standard
HPLC                       The retention time for B1a corresponds with that of standard preparation
Appearance              White crystalline powder
Loss on drying         ≤2.0%
Acetone insolubles    ≤0.2%
PH                          4.5-7.0
a( B1a/B1b )           ≥4.0
B1                          ≥92.0%
B1a                        ≥90.0%


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      Abamectin CAS 71751-41-2
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