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6-methyl coumarin suppliers, factory, manufacturers
6-methyl coumarin suppliers
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    25 kg/drum
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    5 kg

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6-methyl coumarin (CAS No 92-48-86-methyl coumarin is an artificial substance with sweet and aromatic olfactory notes as well as sweet, cocoa, and vanilla tastes. It is a white crystal powder that is insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents. It is used as a flavoring and fragrance agent.


Items                                              Specification
Appearance                                     White flaky crystal, with rich odor of coconut

Solubility                                       1g soluble in 20ml 95% alcohol at 25

Heavy metals, ppm                      10.0

Melting point,                            73.0~76.0

Assay, %                                       99.0



It is one of the most important constituent of coconut flavours. It is also used effectively in nut, caramel, butter, date, fig, root beer etc. Frequently used in various vanilla compositions. Its extra ordinary stability towards heat makes it excellent for flavour meant for baked goods.



25 kg/drum.

Store in a cool and dry place.

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      6-methyl coumarin suppliers
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