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3-Chloroaniline/m-Chloroaniline CAS 108-42-9 suppliers
3-Chloroaniline/m-Chloroaniline CAS 108-42-9
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Buy 3-Chloroaniline/m-Chloroaniline CAS 108-42-9, a chemical intermediate for Organic Synthesis from TNJ Chemical, China leading 3-Chloroaniline suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy 3-Chloroaniline, please mail to [email protected]



Appearance    Colorless transparent liquid

Purity            99.5%min.

Water            0.3%max.



It is used as an intermediate for dyes, pesticides and medicines. Its hydrochloride is the ice dye base. It is mainly used as a developer for the dyeing and printing of cotton, hemp and viscose fabrics. It can be used in medicine to produce chlorpromazine, Chloroquine phosphate, etc. Insecticides can also be made.



240kg drum, 19.2mt per 20''container


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      3-Chloroaniline/m-Chloroaniline CAS 108-42-9
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