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2-Methylindoline CAS 6872-06-6
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    25kg/PE drum
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    TNJ Chemical

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Product Name: 2-Methylindoline

CAS:                   6872-06-6

MF:                   C9H11N

MW:                   133.19

EINECS:          229-971-0


Appearance            Colorless to lightly yellow liquid

Distillation range    116-118

Distillation residue  0.01%min

Moisture content     0.2%


- Used in organic synthesis. It is the intermediate of dye cationic yellow 7GLL (C.I. Basic Yellow 21, C.I. 48060). This dye has good fastness to sunlight and washing, and is mainly used for dyeing acrylic fibers.

- Used as intermediate of dyestuff and medicine


25kg net palstic drum

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      2-Methylindoline CAS 6872-06-6
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