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2,2-dibromo-2-cyanoacetamide CAS 10222-01-2 suppliers
2,2-dibromo-2-cyanoacetamide CAS 10222-01-2
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    25kg/bag , 250kg/drum
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Appearance                         White crystal,Transparenrt or light yellow liquid      

Formula                              C3H2Br2N2O 

CAS no.                              10222-01-2        

Purity                                 99%,20%

PH                                      4.0-7.0

Volatile                               ≤0.5%                                                                        

Density(20℃)                     1.18-1.2

Stability                              Stable,but may be moisture sensitive     


1.It mainly used as bactericidal agent to prevent bacteria and algae from growing in paper industy water,industrial cooling water,air conditioning water,metal processing lubricating oil,water emulsion,pulp,wood,plywood and coating,and fiber.

2.It is a broad spectrum and efficient industrial fungicide,used to prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria and algae in paper making,and can be used as slime control agent,widely used in pulp and circulating cooling water system of paper mill.

3.It can quickly penetrate the cell membrane of microorganisms and be used in certain protein groups to stop normal REDOX of cells the thus cause cell death.At the same time,its branches can selectively brominate or oxidize specific enzyme metabolite of microorganisms,eventually leading to microbial death.

4.It can also used as pharmacetical intermediate,bactericidal agent,industrial sewage treatment agent.

Packing & storage

25kg/bag,16,000kg/per 20ft container

250kg/drum,20,000kg/per 20 ft container


Stored in dry and ventilation place, far from heat and water.

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      2,2-dibromo-2-cyanoacetamide CAS 10222-01-2
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