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1-Chlorobutane CAS 109-69-3
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    175 kg/plastic drum or iron drum.
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Buy 1-Chlorobutane CAS No 109-69-3, a chemical intermediate for solvent from TNJ Chemical, China leading 1-Chlorobutane suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to buy 1-Chlorobutane, please mail to [email protected]


1-Chlorobutane (CAS No 109-69-3), is a monochloride of butane and is a colorless liquid at normal temperature and pressure.

Melting Point: -123 C

Boiling Point: 79 C

Vapor Density: 3.2 (air = 1)

Flash Point: -9 C (closed cup)

Water Solubility:  negligible

Stability:  Stable. Highly flammable. Note low flash point and wide explosion limit range. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong bases.


Appearance              Colorless liquid

Moisture, % (K.F.)    ≤0.05

Purity, % (G.C.)       ≥99.50


It is an effective solvent for the liquid-liquid extraction of drugs from biological samples. Spectrum BioSolv grade solvents are specifically purified for use in nucleic acid and peptide synthesis. Use BioSolv solvents to optimize your coupling efficiencies and synthesis yields.



175 kg/plastic drum or iron drum.

Stored in dry and ventilation place, far from heat and water.

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      1-Chlorobutane CAS 109-69-3
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