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1,6-Hexanediamine CAS 124-09-4
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Product name             1,6-Hexanediamine

Molecular Formula      C6H16N2 
Molecular Weight       116.20 
CAS                            124-09-4 

EINECS                       204-679-6 

Physical Properties

Appearance:               Colorless, transparent

Density:                      0.89

Melting point :            42-45 ºC

Boiling point :             111-130 ºC

Refractive index:        1.439

Flash point:                94 ºC

Water solubility:         490 g/L (20 ºC)


HMDA is an important base material for chemical polymer, which is mainly applied in manufacturing nylon 6 and nylon66 resin to made various fiber and plastics product. Moreover, it can also make polyminocarboxylic ester foam plastics, hexamethyl diisocyanate foam, coating material and ZSN type of pumice. Hexamethylene Diamine.


160kg/drum  or as per request

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      1,6-Hexanediamine CAS 124-09-4
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