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1,3-Dibutyl-2-thiourea price
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    25 kg/drum
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    25 kg

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1,3-Dibutyl-2-thioure (CAS No 109-46-6)is an organic compound with S=C(NHnBu)2 formula. It is thiourea derivative symmetrically substituted with two n-butyl groups on the nitrogen atoms.


Appearance                                   White crystal powder
Initial M.P.℃                                   ≥60.0
Loss on drying %                           ≤0.30
Ash %                                           ≤0.30
Residue on 840μm sieve %             ≤0.00


WilLING DBTU is an ullra-accelerator for mercaptan-modified CR(1-3phr). It has a vulcanizalion behaviour similar to that of WilLING ETU and WilLING DETU. It is also used as a seconda accelerator for NR and synthetic rubbers. It disperses easily in rubber. It is non-staining and does not bloom. It is practically odourless Antioxidant for NR, antiozonant for NR and SR, particularly SBR. It is also a corrosion inhibitor.



25 kg/drum.

Stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation, avoiding to be exposured to direct sunlight.

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      1,3-Dibutyl-2-thiourea price
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