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CAS 135861-56-2
1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol CAS 135861-56-2
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    25kg drum
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    TNJ Chemical

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Brief introduction of 1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol CAS 135861-56-2

Chemical name: 1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol

CAS No.135861-56-2

Synonyms: Bis(3,4-dimethylbenzylidene)sorbitol; Nucleating agent 3988; DMDBS

Molecular Formula: C24H30O6

Molecuar Weight: 414.49



Properties of 1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol CAS 135861-56-2

1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol CAS 135861-56-2 (DMDBS) is the third generation methylene diphenyl sorbierite clarifying agent. It combines the features of the first and second generation  methylene diphenyl sorbierite clarifying agent. It can not only maintain favorable nucleation efficiency and excellent antireflection, modification effect of polypropylene resin endowed by the second generation clarifying agent, but also reduce the odor at maximum limit, enhances the thermal stability.

It is equal to MILLAD 3988 from Milliken USA.


Specification of 1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol CAS 135861-56-2




White powder

Assay, %





Application of 1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol CAS 135861-56-2

It is mainly applicable to homopolymerization and railess copolymerization polypropylene products as well as LLDPE film, especially to top-grade polypropylene transparent products such as medical supplies, stationery, beverage packaging, transparent cups, bowls, basins, plates, CD boxes, food packaging, also fits for the high-temperature sterilization products and widely used in PP sheet and transparent PP tubes. 


Packing, Delivery and Storage of 1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol CAS 135861-56-2

Package: 25kg/ drum, or as per customer request.

Storage conditions: store in a cool and dry place.

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      1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol CAS 135861-56-2
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