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TNJ Chemical got Export permission to Gamma-butyrolactone GBL CAS 96-48-0

07-16, 2021

TNJ Chemical got the permission to Gamma-butyrolactone CAS 96-48-0 from City government security bureau.

On May 28, 2021, in accordance with the provisions of Article 2 of the regulations on the administration of precursor chemicals, the State Council agreed to add the list of categories and varieties of precursor chemicals in the attached table of the regulations on the administration of precursor chemicals gamma-Butyrolactone is the third kind of precursor chemicals.

As a time-honored Gamma-butyrolactone GBL manufacturer, TNJ Chemical is regarded as one of the few biggest exporter of Gamma-butyrolactone from China but the most experienced. To make sure to proceed the exportation of Gamma-butyrolactone smoothly and non-stop supply to our customer, TNJ Chemical maintained close communication and exchange with local FDA, Police and related public security bureaus etc, to guarantee we are not out of the line with government regulation.

According to the new regulation, all parties should have permission to buy/sell/produce/transport Gamma-butyrolactone. Without permission, it is regarded as illgel.

If you need to know the details about China's regulation on Gamma-butyrolactone GBL CAS 96-48-0, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com