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Tiamulin fumarate
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Buy Tiamulin fumarate API from TNJ Chemical, China leading Tiamulin fumarate suppliers, factory & manufacturers. If you want to find good Tiamulin fumarate suppliers CAS 55297-96-6 from China, please mail to [email protected]

Name:                      Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate  

Molecular formula:     C28H47NO4S·C4H4O4 

Molecular weight:      609.82

CAS no:                    55297-96-6


White or white_ like powder , odorless and odourless it is could dissolves in water.


Content :≥98%

* Please refer to Certificate of Analysis for detailed specification


Poultry: It is good for control poultry septicemia mycoplasmosis, synovial sac mycoplasmosis, raise the laying rate, reduce the death rate, promote weight increment of dorking.

Pig: defend and treat mycoplasmosis infection and the illness of colibacillus, salmonella, spirochete infection. Be good for treat mycoplasmosis pulmonitis, hemophilus pleuropneumonia, dysentery , ileitis, colonitis, PPDS and so on.


Direct drink

Poultry  125mg -250mg  tiamulin hydrogen fumarate add 1L water ,keep 3days . compute as the tiamulin.

Pig     45mg -60mg tiamulin hydrogen fumarate add 1L water, keep5 days . compute as the tiamulin.


Pig: 40-100mg tiamulin hydrogen fumarate add 1000kg feed . keep 5 -10days compute as the tiamulin..


25kg/cardboard drum,  1kg/tin 6tins one carton.

keep in lightproof, airproof and dry place.
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      Tiamulin fumarate
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