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Zinc Phosphate Monobasic
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Zinc Phosphate Monobasic is one of strong products by Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. who has years' experience in the R&D of this substance. We are supplying the highest quality and best price to all customers. If you have any interest, please contact us at sales15@tnjchem.com

Appearance                                                                  White crystals
Phosphorous acid & phosphates, (Calculated on P2O5), %  ≥48
Zn, %                                                                         ≥20
Free acid(H3PO4), %                                                     ≤3
SO42-, %                                                                     ≤0.5
Pb, %                                                                          ≤0.01
As, %                                                                           ≤0.01

Zinc Phosphate Monobasic is an vital substance to the production of many metal machines or systems mainly used as Phosphating agent. Zinc phosphate monobasic is mainly used for treatment or cleaning of metal surface. It is mainly to tighten combination between paint and metal surface. For example, the exterior paint of an inferior bycycle gets easily peeled off but an expensive one won't because the latter is cleaned with Zinc phosphate monobasic before painted.

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      Zinc Phosphate Monobasic
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