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Spearmint Oil CAS 8008-79-5
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Spearmint oil CAS 8008-79-5, also known as green mint or holland mint, is mainly composed of carvone. It ia a pale yellow or yellow-green liquid. It is mainly used in tiithpaste, oral products, chewing gum and other flavors. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is also used as a raw material for expelling wind.

Items Specification
Product name Spearmint oil
Color and odor Pale yellow and yellow-green liquid
Relative density 0.920-0.937
Pefractive index 1.485-1.491
Specific rotation -45°to -60°
Solubility Soluble in 75%ethanol


Spearminr oil has been used in the pharmaceutical industry as a flavoring in toothpaste and other detrifice, as well as in chewing gum and tea. Pure Spearmint oil of mentha soicata is also a great pore cleanser and can be used in a facial treatment or skin care base, Spearmint oil is known for benefiting headaches, digestive problems, nausea and vertigo and is cooling to the touch.


25KG plastic drum, 180KG zinc drum

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      Spearmint Oil CAS 8008-79-5
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