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buy Sodium Butyl Xanthate 90% 85% CAS 141-33-3 suppliers price
Sodium Butyl Xanthate
  • CAS:

  • Molecular Formula:

    C5H10OS2. Na
  • Quality Standard:

    90% 85%
  • Packing:

    25kg/iron drum
  • Mininmum Order:

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  • Manufacturer:

    TNJ Chemical

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  • Product Details

Where to buy Sodium Butyl Xanthate SnBX from China top suppliers and manufacturers at best price? TNJ offers reasonable Sodium Butyl Xanthate suppliers price and high quality CAS 141-33-3. To find Sodium Butyl Xanthate suppliers from TNJ Chemical is your best option. 

Product name:  Sodium Butyl Xanthate 90% 85%

CAS No.:          141-33-3

Other Names:   O-butyl hydrogen dithiocarbonate, sodium salt

MF:                  C5H10OS2. Na

EINECS No.:     205-481-2


Slight yellow or Kelly free flowing powder or pellet with strong odour, soluble in water, decomposing easily in acid.


Assay:  90% & 85%


Sodium butyl xanthate is a powerful chemcial reagent which is used as collector for flotation treatment of sulphide multimetallic ores, specially used in natural circuit for chalcopyrite and copper pyrite ores. It's widely used in hydrometallurgical process and applicable as a vulcanization accelerator for rubber industry. 


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      Sodium Butyl Xanthate
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