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factory price Sodium bisulfate CAS 7681-38-1
Sodium bisulfate CAS 7681-38-1
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    99% min
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    TNJ Chemical

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TNJ Chemical produces super quality Sodium bisulfate CAS 7681-38-1 / 99% MIN assay, SGS certification, High quality standard, Competitive price, online purchase support. To buy Sodium bisulfate CAS 7681-38-1, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

Product name:      Sodium bisulfate

Synonyms:           Sodium bisulphate

CAS:                    7681-38-1

Molecular formula: NaHSO4

Molecular weight:  120.05


Assay:                 99% min

Appearance:        White powder


it can be used as pH regulator instead of sulfuric acid. It can manufacture detergents for pottery, marble and toilet, pretreatment agents for pickling, electroplating and painting. It can be used in Bleaching Auxiliaries, leather, pulp and dyeing auxiliaries.


25kg/drum or as per customers' request

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      Sodium bisulfate CAS 7681-38-1
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