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Red Phosphorus suppliers, factory, manufacturers
Red Phosphorus suppliers
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    50kg /iron drum
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Appearance                           Red powder
Assay, %      

Moisture, %                          ≤0.5

Yellow Phosphorus, %            ≤0.005
Particle size                           60mesh(passing through 90%min)

Free acid, %                         ≤0.5

For fireworks, Red Phosphorus is an important raw material because it could create smoke and sparks when ignited.
For technical grade industry, the high melting point and insolubility of Red Phosphorus is used to produce fire retardant along with halogenated flame retardant.

For pharmaceutical and agrochemical purpose, Red Phosphorus is also widely used in the production such as Aluminum phosphide and Phosphorus pentoxide, etc.

It is packed with 50 kg , 200 kg drum.

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      Red Phosphorus suppliers
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