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Yellow Phosphorus
Yellow Phosphorus 99.9% CAS 12185-10-3
  • CAS No.:

  • Molecular Formula:

  • Quality Standard:

  • Packing:

    200kg/IMO approved galvanized iron drm or 14000kg/
  • Mininmum Order:

    16 tons

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Yellow Phosphorus, also known as white Phosphorus CAS 12185-10-3 is a white or light yellowish semitransparent waxy solid. Yellow Phosphorus appears light green color in the dark environment. It is insoluble in water and slightly soluble in benzene and chloroform and easily soluble in Carbon disulphide. It has a wide application such as for the production of many phosphorous organic or inorganic chemical material including food additive and technical material. It is an important material used in military purpose.


Purity(P4)            99.9% min.
As                       150-180 ppm max.
S                         50 ppm max.


For military purpose, Yellow Phosphorus is used to produce smoke bombs and firebombs, etc.
For chemical industry, Yellow Phosphorus is an important raw material for the production of red Phosphorus and. It is also used to produce other related goods such as STPP, and TSP and AMP etc.
Its toxicity is also used to produce rodenticide.



1.Type one: IMO approved galvanized iron drm Volume: 150L Weight: 22.5KG/Drum Cargo N.W: 200KG, G.W: 250KG Container load: 16.8MT - 19.2MT packed in one 20’GP 

2.Type two: ISO-Tank container Volume: 14300L, 17500L Weight: 4000KG/Tank Caro N.W: 21.5MT – 22MT/Tank, G.W: 25.5MT – 26MT/Tank

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      Yellow Phosphorus 99.9% CAS 12185-10-3
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