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Quinoline 99.5%
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    200kgs per drum 16tons per container
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Appearance         Colorless or light brown liquid

Assay,%              ≥98.0

Isoquinoline,%    ≤2.0

Moisture,%          ≤0.5

The density of      1.093



1, Quinoline used in the preparation of nicotinic acid and hydroxy quinoline drugs, cyanine blue 

pigment and photosensitive pigment, rubber accelerator and pesticide products such as quinoline 

ketone. Rat oral LD50 was 460mg/kg.

2, Used as organic reagents, alkaline condensation agent and solvent.

3, Used as analytical reagents, solvents, but also for the separation of vanadate and arsenate

4, Making the arm, but also can be used as a preservative in acid, solvent, etc., for the production of 

nicotinic acid and 8-Hydroxylquinoline drug pharmaceutical industry, for preparing cyanine pigments 

and photosensitive pigment printing and dyeing industry, used for accelerator rubber industry, 

agriculture for the production of 8- hydroxyquinoline copper pesticide.


200kg per drum,16tons per container

DG with UN 2656 6.1/PG 3

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      Quinoline 99.5%
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