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  • Tween 20 Polysorbate 20

    Tween 20 | Polysorbate 20 as emulsifier food & Cosmetic

    Tween 20 CAS 9005-64-5 is light yellow viscose oily liquid to paste insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents, it is water/oil type emulsifier, can be mixed with emulsifier S-60 and emulsifier T-60. HLB: 4.3.

  • Acetyl Tributyl Citrate ATBC

    Acetyl Tributyl Citrate ATBC CAS 77-90-7

    Acetyl Tributyl Citrate ATBC CAS 77-90-7 is a kind of nonpoisonous, tasteless and safe plasticizer. It is heat resistant, low temperature resistance, light resistance, water resistance etc. Acetyltributylcitrate is an organic compound that is used as a plasticizer. As such, it is a potential replacement of DEHP and DINP. It is a colorless liquid that is soluble in organic solvents.

  • Ferulic Acid

    Ferulic acid CAS 1135-24-6

    Ferulic acid CAS 1135-24-6 is a plant-based antioxidant that is extracted from rice bran. Research suggests that it provides antioxidant and sun-protective benefits to skin white enhancing the stability of topical applications of vitamin E.As a medicine source, it functions as an ingredient for anti-inflammatory/ relieving pain and also for improving human immunity.  

  • P-Phenylenediamine PPD

    P-Phenylenediamine PPD CAS 106-50-3

    p-Phenylenediamine PPD CAS 106-50-3 is an organic compound with the formula C6H4(NH2)2. This derivative of aniline is a white solid, but samples can darken due to air oxidation.PPD is mainly used as a component of engineering polymers and composites.PPD is also an ingredient in hair dyes.

  • Polyvinyl Butyral PVB Resin

    Polyvinyl Butyral PVB Resin CAS 63148-65-2

    Polyvinyl Butyral PVB Resin CAS 63148-65-2 is fine-grained, free-flowing white powder. PVB is produced by reacting polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) with butyraldehyde in an acid medium (acetalization reaction). It is a thermoplastic polymer showing good mechanical properties, good flexibility, optical clarity and excellent adhesion to different substrates.

  • Boric acid flakes

    Boric acid flakes (1-3mm/3-5mm)

    Boric acid exists in 99.6% boric acid flakes (1-3mm/3-5mm) and 99.5% white crystalline powder. It is a high purity boric acid. Boric acid is actually boric oxide Hydrate. Specific gravity of 1.43 5(15℃). Boric acid's solubility in water increases with temperature rise, and volatile with the steam; And its solubility in the inorganic acid is smaller than that in water.

  • Glyoxylic acid 40% 50%

    Glyoxylic acid 40% 50% CAS 298-12-4

    Glyoxylic acid CAS 298-12-4 is colorless or light yellow liquid, can be dissolved with water, slightly soluble in ethanol, aether, insoluble in esters, aromatic solvents. It is used as a basic organic chemical industry and is an important chemical intermediates which can be used to produce ethyl vanillin and allantoin etc.

  • Glyoxylic acid monohydrate

    Glyoxylic acid monohydrate 98% powder CAS 563-96-2

    Glyoxylic acid monohydrate CAS 563-96-2 is white powder, including lower content of glyoxal, nitric acid, heavy metal, etc.than the solution product. Compared with water solution, the yield increased, the side reaction decreased, it will improve the quality of the downstream products.

  • Sodium periodate

    Sodium periodate CAS 7790-28-5

    Sodium periodate CAS 7790-28-5 is an inorganic salt, composed of a sodium cation and the periodate anion. It may also be regarded as the sodium salt of periodic acid. Like all periodates it can exist in two different forms: sodium metaperiodate and sodium orthoperiodate. Both salts are useful oxidising agents.

  • China Potassium oxalate

    China Potassium Oxalate monohydrate at factory price from China

    Do you want to buy Potassium Oxalate monohydrate from China? TNJ Chemical is the great chemical company we suggest. Since from 2001, TNJ Chemical begun to focus on the development and sales of Potassium Oxalate monohydrate. And now it is the key Potassium Oxalate monohydrate supplier from China. If you have any inquiry, please contact us sales23@tnjchem.com