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  • CAS 68937-54-2 price

    PEG-12 Dimethicone CAS 68937-54-2

    PEG-12 Dimethicone CAS 68937-54-2 is a polyether modified organic siloxane with polyoxyethylene group. It is a safe water-soluble surfactant with good moisturizing, foam-stabilizing and conditioning property. 

  • CAS 3397-65-7 price

    Lauroyl Glutamic Acid CAS 3397-65-7

    N-Lauroyl-L-glutamic acid CAS 3397-65-7 is made from glutamate and lauric acid through chemical reaction of Acylation and neutralization. The product contains more than 95% active substance in non-uniform white powder and particles, with slight characteristic odor, mainly used as the intermediate or raw material of mild facial care products such as facial cleanser.

  • CAS 81290-20-2 price

    (Trifluoromethyl)trimethylsilane CAS 81290-20-2

    Chemical name: (Trifluoromethyl)trimethylsilane  CAS No.: 81290-20-2 Molecular Formula: C4H9F3Si Molecuar Weight:142.2 EINECS: - To buy this product or download MSDS TDS, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • 24991-55-7 cas price

    Polyethylene glycol dimethyl ether CAS 24991-55-7

    Chemical name: Polyethylene glycol dimethyl ether CAS No.: 24991-55-7 Synonyms: NHD Molecular Formula: H3CO(C2H4O)nCH3 Molecuar Weight: - EINECS: - If you need to buy this product or find MSDS TDS, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • CAS 872-85-5

    4-Pyridinecarboxaldehyde CAS 872-85-5

    Chemical name:4-Pyridinecarboxaldehyde CAS No.:872-85-5 Synonyms: Isonicotinaldehyde Molecular Formula: C6H5NO Molecuar Weight: 107.11 EINECS: 212-832-3

  • CAS 247069-27-8

    3,5-Difluoropyridine-2,6-diamine CAS 247069-27-8

    Chemical name:3,5-Difluoropyridine-2,6-diamine CAS No.:247069-27-8 Synonyms: 3,5-Difluoropyridine-2,6-diamine Molecular Formula: C5H5F2N3 Molecuar Weight: 145.11 EINECS: 623-869-3

  • CAS 58479-61-1

    tert-Butylchlorodiphenylsilane CAS 58479-61-1

    Chemical name:tert-Butylchlorodiphenylsilane CAS No.:58479-61-1 Synonyms: tert-Butylchlorodiphenylsilane Molecular Formula: C16H19ClSi Molecuar Weight: 274.86 EINECS: 261-282-0

  • CAS 16923-95-8 price

    Potassium hexafluorozirconate CAS 16923-95-8

    Chemical name:Potassium hexafluorozirconate CAS No.:16923-95-8 Synonyms: Dipotassium hexafluorozirconate Molecular Formula: F6K2Zr Molecuar Weight: 283.41 EINECS: 240-985-6

  • CAS 13283-01-7

    Tungsten chloride CAS 13283-01-7

    Chemical name: TUNGSTEN CHLORIDE CAS No.:13283-01-7 Synonyms: TUNGSTEN(VI) CHLORIDE Molecular Formula: Cl6W Molecuar Weight: 396.56 EINECS: 236-293-9.  To buy this product or find MSDS TDS, please contact sales@tnjchem.com

  • CAS 1317-65-3

    Calcium carbonate CAS 1317-65-3

    Calcium carbonate CAS 1317-65-3, random crystals powder. The most important chemical property is that it decomposes into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide at a higher temperature. In addition, it also has chemical resistance, acid resistance and various gas resistance properties.